Ramtons RM/393 – Forbes AEON 4000Lts Purifier


Product details

Ramtons has partnered with Eureka Forbes to present lightweight and large Aeon purifier (RM/393). This purifier uses contact disinfectant technology to purify water, killing 99% of viruses and bacteria in the process. This purifier has a cartridge capable of purifying around 4000L of water before the cartridge is required to be replaced. The product is lightweight and does not require electricity or a running water for usage. It also features a large storage capacity so that water does not have to be added as frequently.


Stage 1: Particulate Filter: Fine Micro- fiber mesh removes visible dirt and impurities

Stage 2: Sediment Filter: Advanced high density Micro-fiber mesh that removes dissolved impurities not visible to the human eye

Stage 3: Carbon Block: Removes bad taste, colour, odour and chemical impurities

Stage 4: Contact Disinfectant Technology: Kills bacteria, viruses and cysts