Generic Ultra Slim 2.4GHz Optical Wireless Mouse-White.


Product details

Ultra Slim 2.4GHz optical wireless mouse is a high quality ergonomically designed mouse, with a USB receiver and has a  360 degree angle usage with a more than 10 meters operating range.It has a unique circuit design which makes it an energy saving mouse.It has a resolution of 800/1200/1600dpi.It is portable and lightweight hence very easy to carry around and store.An elegant mouse,ultra slim with a very comfortable grip.Scrolls easily in any direction.It comes with 1* mini receiver.It has three(3) buttons with a scroll wheel.The wireless technology works on most surfaces.It also has an inbuilt energy saving system.It is powered by two(2)  size AAA batteries and the maximum acceleration is 14 inches per second.It is compatible with Windows, Linux and other operating systems. How to use The 2.GHz Optical Wireless Mouse.-Open the battery cover (underneath the mouse) ,instal two(2) size AAA batteries.-Take out the USB Nano dongle in the USB port.-Plug the USB Nano dongle in the USB port.-Turn the power switch ‘ON'(underneath the mouse).The LED light will light up.The mouse will connect with the NAno dongle and start working automatically.