Generic 5.0 Tonnes Hydraulic Car Jack – Red


Product details
Great quality car jacks..lifts any type of car upto 5 TONNES per axle..very effifient and easy to operate.made with hardened metal to make sureit withstand the vehicle weight comfortably..great tool to lift your car during repairs or wheel changes. order online on Buy kenya for fast quality and efficient deliveryScope: Suitable for small and medium sized vehicles. Such as: cars, Buick, Santana, Vietnam and other vehicles.

*Packing include:
jack * 1
Handle * 1

Before Use
1. Check before each use for abnormal conditions such as cracked welds, leaks, damaged, loose or missing parts.
2. Inspect the jack immediately if lift is believed to have been subjected to an abnormal load or shock.
3. If the jack is found to be damaged, it should be removed from service until properly repaired.