Medex Latex Gloves 100Pcs + 5Pcs Surgical Disposable Masks


Product details

3 Ply for Excellent Protection, Softer Latex Free Elastic Ear Loop, 100% Fiberglass Free and super easy to pack for convenience, travel and commutin.Perfect for Medical, Dental Office, Nail Salon, Cleaning to avoid dust, or any other areas where protection might be required, such as Hospital, Airport, Airplane, public transportation, etc. Also suitable to wear during Flu/Allergy season.We are instrumental in involving Surgical Disposable Face Mask. Our offered face mask is used by surgeons and doctors for covering the face when any surgical process with a patient to avoid any infections. Owing to its safe and reliable working features, it is widely used in hospitals and medical research institutes.Medical gloves are made of different polymers including latex  nitrile rubber  polyvinyl chloride and neoprene  they come unpowdered  or powdered with corn starch to lubricate the gloves  making them easier to put on the hands Medical gloves offer some basic protection against corrosives and surface contamination.